Registered Charity Number 1111628

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Lonsdale Community Centre

Registered Charity Number 1111628

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Welcome to the Lonsdale Community Centre

Based in a former Sunday school the Lonsdale Community Centre is a community led and community based organisation within the Newington ward of West Hull.

The building is owned and managed by the trustees who are all local people passionate about providing quality services and activities to their resident community.

Our numerous volunteers have always been integral to the life of the community centre and we have a long history of volunteer involvement with several key volunteers and groups having been with us for well over 25 years.

Except for our training courses and the Learn2Earn project you do not need to book or enrol on our regular activities just turn up and enjoy them in a friendly and comfortable environment. As well as our regular activities we run a community café, a community shop, and a variety of training courses and projects which constantly change and evolve depending on the needs of local people. Our area of benefit is a one mile radius of the community centre however we specifically target residents of the Newington ward in particular as it is generally recognised as being a deprived area. Newington is the 8th most deprived ward in Hull and Newington and St. Andrew's Wards together constitute an identifiable area known as the ‘NaSA’ area (Newington and St. Andrews) which was first identified as a priority for regeneration in 1999.

Two of the biggest challenges facing the area are the combined problems of unemployment and poor health and for this reason the community centre focuses upon delivering projects to address these key issues. Our ‘Learn2Earn’ project supports local people into employment and we have numerous activities which promote well-being and provide opportunities for positive social engagement.

This website will tell you who we are, what we do and how you can get involved or find out more. And should you live locally and have any ideas about projects or activities you would like to see us set up then we are very keen to hear from you!